I'm a contributor to the Mozilla Project, creators of the Firefox webbrowser. I tend to work mostly on ChatZilla, but I also have some extensions of my own I attempt to maintain in the meantime. I am making more and more frequent trips to the rest of the codebase, something which will hopefully continue to happen in the future. This page lists some Mozilla-related stuff I've done.


ChatZilla is the Mozilla IRC client. It's a free (as in beer) open-source client with UTF-8, SSL and multiple server support. It also supports JavaScript scripting, as all the client code itself is actually written in JavaScript as well. There is some stuff about ChatZilla around the place, though it isn't much (yet?).

Chrome List

Chrome List is a small extension I wrote myself that allows you to browse the chrome packages registered in Firefox. This is particularly useful for developing extensions (and debugging why your code isn't running / installed properly), or to easily inspect other people's code (including the front-end code in Firefox itself).

Show Menubar

Show Menubar is an even smaller extension I wrote in response to Bug 69099 and, more recently, newsgroup posts by Gervase Markham arguing we should have a "Show Menubar" contextmenu item, so as to be able to print from small chromeless dialogs some webpages open.

Summer of Code 2006

I did some work on JavaScript debugging for the Mozilla Foundation as a student participant in Google's Summer of Code. There is some info about my work if you're interested.


I don't really need to do this often, but I'll try to keep this list updated with things I actually put online here instead of on a bug.