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Chrome List is a small extension that adds an "Explore Chrome" item to Firefox's Tools menu. From there you can browse all the chrome packages registered with Firefox in a convenient tree view. At least, much more convenient than unpacking jars one-by-one, and figuring out the mapping yourself.

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Support Chrome List an orphanage

If this piece of software was useful for you, please consider donating to Mime Čuvalo and the orphanage he sponsors. A fair part of my tree code was inspired by (and/or rewritten from) his, so credit is due there. If I find a suitable charity near me, I might switch to recommending you donate to them instead. Suggestions welcome!

Bugs and Suggestions

Find bugs? Have the most awesome idea for Chrome List since sliced cheese? Let me know on Google Code. And please, set the Owner to "GijsKruitbosch" or send me mail, or I might not notice that anything happened (Google Code is not that great in this respect).


Formally, the code is dual-licensed (GPL/MPL). If that doesn't suit your purposes, send me mail and I'll see what I can do.