My University seems to think students can split themselves up

My University Schedule

I’m not sure who made this joke up, but it’s not funny. I already blew at least one of the courses I had the first part of this semester (because thanks to United Airlines I missed the exam), and now the schedulers have been conspiring to make me fail more of them this part of the semester. Oh, and I don’t know if this is just me, but there’s this day called “Friday”, which you can actually USE if you’re having trouble scheduling…

4 thoughts on “My University seems to think students can split themselves up

  1. First of all, you never go to class before 11. First conflict solved. Second of all, you never go to kansrekenen. Second conflict solved. Finally, kennissystemen is just a computer lab, and if you let your partner (aka ME) know that you’re going to be 2 hours late (that is, 30 mins later than usual) then you have no problems at all.

    I don’t see why you’re doing a minor in sociale informatiekunde anyway. All you do is complain about it, and the content only overlaps with the classes we already had and you didn’t like. If you did math/computer science courses instead, you would notice that they /did/ actually anticipate that kind of decision in the rostering.

    If you really want trouble, try doing a minor at the biology department – 10 point courses crammed into 5 weeks, with 40 hours of mandatory chem lab. /me gets back to studying class backlog using the ugliest ptts in existence.

  2. Nadya:

    First of all, just because I’m never in a class with you before 11, doesn’t mean I never go. Second of all, I didn’t always go to kansrekenen because it conflicted with Human-Computer Interaction last block of the semester – a class where they actually gave you marks for attending as well (mine ended up being 6 / 10, go figure!). Finally, we’re currently about 2 weeks late submitting a kennissystemen assignment, so I’m not sure I agree with your “solution”.

    As for the minor, I’m doing it because I like the concept of the minor. The fact that I thought one of the courses was badly done (and complained about that course) doesn’t mean I’m complaining about the minor. As for the courses I took in AI that overlap with it content-wise, you know perfectly well that those courses sucked (say, exam questions about things that weren’t in the study material, copied diagram material used without the necessary background info, etc.).

    Half those subjects are for my major in AI, the other half for a minor in Social Information Sciences. They’re compulsory. When I took the minor, the schedules weren’t finalized yet, so I couldn’t tell. I could take them next year, but that’d be the last semester of my BSc, which I think is just going to be worse (I don’t expect scheduling to be any better, and I won’t be any less busy). Or I could drop my minor and take up other subjects to get the required ECTS credits for getting my BSc.

  3. Jow Gijs! How is life at the moment? Too bad I didn’t have enough time to visit you. Next time I will let you know so we can plan something. Concerning your schedule-thing…the one-place-at-a-time-body is still a major constraint to acquiring new knowledge as your example shows…something to work on in AI?

    How are things going with the publication of your ethics paper btw?

    Greetings from windy Sweden.

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