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Dear Lazyweb,

For Chrome List, every now and again people report issues they are having on its Google Code website, using the “Issues List”. This is very useful, and I would like this to continue. However, for some reason, I don’t get email for these issues that people report. I need to manually check every now and then, then star new issues so I get email for them.

Can I change this? I’ve googled around, I’ve gone through all the options in “Administer” three times, but I can’t find it. I would really like to have those emails, though, because right now sometimes I don’t check that list for a few days/weeks/months, and people’s problems don’t get solved…


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  1. Administer > Project Summary > Activity Notifications > All issue changes

    This will, however, spam you with all changes. An alternative is to add yourself as the default owner for all new issues:

    Administer > Issue Tracking > New Issue Templates

    If you’re using the default templates, select “User defect report,” change the owner field to your username, make sure that it’s set as the default issue template, then click “Save Changes.”

  2. I’ve had the same problem on the Firebug issues list. I just got in to the habit of cc: myself on all of the issues right after I read them. (I can’t use Daniel’s suggestion since I am not Admin).

  3. Thanks Daniel.

    “Activity Notifications” option has been shifted to-
    Administer > Issue Tracking

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