Did it land?

I wrote a thing to check if your patch landed/stuck. It’s on github because that’s what people seem to do these days. That means you can use it here:

Did it land?

The “point” of this mini-project is to be able to easily determine whether bug X made today’s nightly, or if bug Y landed in beta 5. Sometimes non-graph changelogs, such as are most accessible on hgweb, can be misleading (ie beta 5 was tagged after you landed, but on a revision before you landed…), plus it’s boring to look up revisions manually in a bug, and then look them up on hgweb, and then try to determine if revision A is in the ancestry tree for revision B. So I automated it.

Note that the tool doesn’t:

  • deal cleverly with backouts. It’ll give you revision hashes from the bug, but if it notices comments that seem to indicate something got backed out, it will be cautious about saying “yes, this landed”. If you know that you bounced once but the last revision(s) is/are definitely “enough” to have the fixes be considered “landed”, then you can just switch to looking up a revision instead of a bug, copy-paste the last hash, and try that one. With a bit of work it could probably expose the internal data about which commits landed before a nightly in the UI – the data is there!
  • use hg to extract the bug metadata. It’s dumb and just asks for a bug’s comments from bugzilla. Pull requests or other help about how to do this “properly” welcome.
  • deal cleverly with branching. If you select aurora/beta, it will look for commits that landed on aurora/beta, not for commits that landed on “earlier” trees and made their way down to aurora/beta with the regular train. This is not super hard to fix, I think, but I haven’t gotten around to it, and I don’t think it will be a very common case.
  • have a particularly nice UI. Feel free to send me pull requests to make it look better.

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  1. This seems like a useful idea! I am always asking this question and having to dig around through particular patches and Firefox versions to see whether something really landed or not. Maybe once 43 is released I can play around with this and contribute.

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